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OPI Shape & Polish

Essentials Nail & Skin Therapy | Manicures
Choose from our huge selection of OPI Shades (many of which also available to purchase) including neutrals, brights, darks, sheer and shimmer.
Allow 15 mins (plus a further 10 mins drying time).

OPI Shape & Polish: £10.00More information...

OPI GelColor Overlays

This amazing formula is available in many iconic shades. GelColor by OPI will give long lasting shine and colour that lasts much longer than ordinary nail polish, yet is easy to remove. Plus with zero drying time, there’s no chance of smudging your gorgeous, shine-intense nails!
Shape & GelColor (Allow 30mins).

Shape & Polish with GelColor™ by OPI: £17
- Or upgrade any manicure or pedicure for an extra £9.50More information...

Bio-Sculpture Gel Overlays

Essentials Nail & Skin Therapy | We use Bio-Sculpture Gel
Bio Sculpture is the original everlasting manicure. With added proteins, this nail treatment will add strength and flexibility to natural nails. Bio Sculpture Keeps your nails perfectly protected with a non-chip colour and a strong, yet flexible glossy finish that will last up to three weeks. Available in over 140 colours or as a Clear or French Paint and there is no drying time required as it is cured under an LED light so there’s no worry about smudging as you leave the salon! Can be infilled 3-4 times before a soak off and new set is required.
Allow 45 mins.
For Infills or Backfills Allow 1 hour.

Clear: £30
Coloured or French: £30
Infills: £24
Backfills: £26
Single Nail repairs: £4

Congratulations to Ellie on passing her Bio Sculpture Gel Exam!
To help us celebrate we are offering all Bio Sculpture Nail Treatments for £15 with Ellie until the end of January 2018!
– That’s better value than OPI GelColor!

On toes:
Gives permanent nail colour or French paint that lasts for up to 6 weeks on toes.

Clear: £25
Coloured or French: £25
Infills: £24More information...

Acrylic Nail Extensions

Essentials Nail & Skin Therapy | Acrylic Nail Extensions
Using high advanced technology to deliver superior strength, durability and colour stability. This is the ideal treatment if you want to add instant length to your nails. Perfect for holidays and special occasions!
After using the acrylic of your choice, your nails can be painted with any colour and finish you desire.
Allow 1 Hour .

Clear or French: £35
Infills: £24
Backfills: £26
Single Nail Repairs: £4More information...

Nail Art

Individualise your nails. Choose from a range of designs in the colours of your choice or let our professionals create a design exclusively for you.
Allow at least an extra 15 minutes.

From: £3More information...

Individual Nail Repair

Individual nail repairs: £4

Removal / Soak Off

Removal / Soak Off: £4

Minx Toes Minx Toes

Minx® Nails
Minx is a patented flexible film that shrink-wraps to natural, gel, and acrylic nails using heat. Available in subtle shades, brights, metallics, lace effects, animal prints, hearts, flowers, stripes, dots… We have over 120 designs to choose from so there’s something for everyone! Lasts up to six weeks on toes and two weeks on fingers.
Allow 1 hour.

Minx Toes: £25More information...

Nail Treatment Add-ons

Paraffin Wax & Heated Mitts Add-on
A must for dry hands! This Paraffin Wax treatment with heated mitts improves skin texture, hydration and circulation. Also helps eases stiffness of aching joints.
Allow an extra 15 minutes

Warm Swiss Chocolate Melt Add-on
Chocolate treat with a guilt-free feel good factor!
Chocolate has long been known for its antioxidant properties. When topically applied it helps improve circulation, remove toxins and deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. This chocolate treat with warm mitts is the perfect indulgence for chocolate lovers!
Allow an extra 15 minutes

Stress-Relief Hand and Arm Massage Add-on
Add some relaxation time to your treatment with a gentle Stress-Relief Hand & Arm Massage to encourage circulation and a sense of wellbeing.
Allow an extra 15 minutes

Lava Shell Heat Massage Add-on
Feel the warmth of the tropics in the palms of your hands with this revolutionary unique massage ritual. These natural Tiger Clam Shells are heated with natural ingredients, providing a soothing relaxing massage experience. The added heat will encourage the absorption of skin-benefitting ingredients.More information...

Nail Treatments | Booking & Cancellation Policy

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